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about us

Morcor Homes was founded in 2011 by Cory Fell and his then business partner as a means to fill a need within the community of Bowness to elevate the community through quality infill projects and draw in a new demographic including families to invest in their homes in this community. Since then, Morcor has expanded to build infills in other communities within the City of Calgary and custom homes both in Calgary and surrounding areas including Springbank, Crossfield, & High River.


In 2021 Morcor’s President acquired both shares of the company to further Morcor’s goals of;

  • Building and delivering a superior product above the industry standards
  • Build a team consisting of like-minded individuals to grow the brand and deliver a ‘step up’ experience for our clients
  • Mentor that same team of employees to recognize needs in the community by developing a CSR model and applying it through every project, & team building opportunity.
  • Offer more spec. home options because Morcor realizes a custom home isn’t an option for every budget but a step up from builder grade should be.

Our team is here to help you. Give us a call today at 403.630.9688 and let’s build something beautiful!

Cory Fell Morcor Homes


Cory Fell - Owner

Cory Fell has over 20 years experience in construction and over 13 years experience as a realtor in the Calgary area. With a focus on structural foundations earlier in his career, Cory has acquired a deep expertise around every aspect of the home building process, from development planning and structural foundation, through to framing, envelope, and interior and exterior finish. MorCor Homes attributes its success to Cory’s choice of quality trades and the impeccably high standards he holds them to. In his spare time he enjoys coaching his son Caleb’s hockey team.


As a home builder, Morcor knows firsthand the importance of shelter and security for every individual. Although on our custom side we have the opportunity offer the finest to our clients we strive to raise awareness to our employees, clients, and trade contractors that many in our community can only dream of these surroundings and that the very basic need for food security and shelter are not experienced by everyone. As part of Morcor’s Community outreach we contribute to our local shelter’s meal centers through volunteer hours, supplies, and monetary donations.